• The winner of 2016: Adviestalent

    The winner of 2016: Adviestalent

    Adviestalent is the winner of the TraineeBattle 2016. They may call themselves the 'Best Trainee Team of 2016'. The head jury led by Josette Dijkhuizen of the Krachtbedrijf ranked their business case and pitch as the most innovative and realistic of the four finalists.

  • TraineeBattle 2016

    TraineeBattle 2016

    The TraineeBattle 2016 has come to an end. 18 Teams of trainees battled for the best solution how to facilitate entrepreneurship among vulnerable groups and eradicate existing taboos and stigmas, in line with the business enterprise programme set up by Krachtbedrijf.

Next up

Next up, the trainee teams of: Rabobank, Vitens and Tele2!

You’d better be ready

Do you think you can beat the trainee teams of the Belastingdienst and Adviestalent? You’d better be, because they are joining the TraineeBattle 2016!

Next contestants

It’s time to announce the second two contestants of this years edition: say hello to the trainees of Eneco and the trainees of Feadship!

The first two participants of the TraineeBattle 2016

Can’t wait to hear who your competitors are this year? It’s time to announce the first two participants of the #TraineeBattle 2016. First, ‘The Best Traineeteam of the Netherlands 2015′: Kennedy van der Laan. Second, eager to take home this years title: the trainees of Heineken!

Do you want to compete in the TraineeBattle 2016?

Building on the success of previous years, there will be another Trainee Battle in 2016. This means a new client, a new societal issue and a new chance to win the title of ‘The Best Trainee Team of the Netherlands’ To find out more about the Trainee Battle or to register your team to compete, please contact Philip van der…
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Are you ready for the TraineeBattle 2016? This year Fresh Forces will organise the Trainee Battle for the seventh time. In this event, young talent representing more than twenty iconic Dutch organisations will compete to find the best solution to an important and relevant societal issue. At stake is the title ‘The Best Trainee Team of the Netherlands.’ In 2016, the Trainee Battle will take place on the 3rd of June.
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